Leisure & Vacation

People travel for all different reasons, whether it’s for adventure, romance and relaxation or to discover new cultures and cuisines. The Hotel Guy™ believes that any reason you decide to travel is good one. Your choices of places to see and things to do are endless, but your time and resources are not. Clients of The Hotel Guy™ have a fervent passion for travel and realize the importance of maximizing value whenever they hit the road, sea, or air.

Our service allows those who are traveling for vacation a unique opportunity to utilize their resources in a manner they never dreamed possible. The Hotel Guy’s™ value goes way above and far beyond just saving money. We put in the time and hard-work it takes to ensure you are getting the absolute maximum out of your travel budget by working directly with hotel properties all over the world to negotiate complimentary room upgrades, special amenities and perks that can add a whole new dimension to the way you experience your trip.

We are not like your typical online booking site, and we don’t aim to be. The Hotel Guy™ believes in attentive and capable customer service; and we work to ensure a great experience every time you book with us.