Groups & Events

The Hotel Guy™ works directly with internal meeting planners and event planning firms to provide extraordinary value that cannot be found anywhere else.

Events, Conferences, Conventions & Corporate Retreats

If you’re planning a group trip or an event of any kind that involves booking rooms at a hotel, getting in touch with The Hotel Guy™ should be your top priority. The Hotel Guy™ will use close relationships at hotels all over the world to offer you a service unlike anything you’ve ever used before:

      • Access to group rates that are significantly lower than booking through the hotel, guaranteed.
        * Our clients save an average of 15% when booking with us compared to booking directly with the hotel
      • Exclusive access to complimentary upgrades, amenities and many other perks for your VIPs
        * When a hotel is “sold out” to the rest of the world, clients of  The Hotel Guy™ always get a room
      • The best customer service you’ve ever experienced. We won’t rest until every detail of your group’s stay has been covered
      • One point-of-contact: The Hotel Guy™ will be your personal liaison to the hotel, making the process from initial contact through checkout completely seamless
      • The Hotel Guy™ will act as a powerful advocate on behalf of your company when dealing with the hotels, and is always looking out for your best interest