Business Travel

Business Travel


Do you think you’re getting the lowest price when you travel?

[dropcap] Well… unless you’ve been booking your rooms with The Hotel Guy™ , you’re not getting the best price. When you’re shopping the internet for the “lowest price” what you’re really comparing are the lowest advertised prices. The Hotel Guy™ leverages their relationships and buying power to get a 10-40% discount off of the lowest advertised price for all of his clients.[/dropcap]

Do you get upgraded to a suite when you check in?​

[dropcap]Most people get stuck with the same standard room they booked online. Don’t be most people! Booking your hotel with The Hotel Guy™ will give you access to VIP treatment from the hotel, which frequently includes complimentary upgrades and other special treatment.[/dropcap]

How about amenities… Are you getting more than just a room when you book?

[dropcap]When hotels compete for your business, you win. Not only in pricing, but in all of the “extras” that really add up when it comes to value. Pricing and upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg. Start booking your hotels with The Hotel Guy™ today to find out more about the perks and amenities that come with being a Hotel Guy client.[/dropcap]

It’s a “no-brainer”

[dropcap]Whether you’re traveling twice a week or once a month, the savings add up and contribute to your bottom line. Companies who book their hotels with The Hotel Guy™ get great customer service and 10-40% off the lowest advertised price at 3, 4, and 5 star hotels worldwide. Throw in complimentary upgrades, amenities like free breakfast, drinks and wifi, you’ll quickly learn why using The Hotel Guy™ is a no-brainer.[/dropcap]